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July 7, 2024

Beit Al Watan District, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo

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Location of Beit El Watan Area:

Beit El Watan Area is located in the heart of Fifth Settlement in New Cairo City, Egypt, and represents one of the modern areas recently built. This area is characterized by its modern and luxurious design and includes many residential, commercial, and service projects.

Beit El Watan Area includes a variety of luxurious and distinguished residential projects characterized by their modern, luxurious, and comfortable design, providing all necessary services and facilities for residents, such as green spaces, gardens, pools, sports clubs, schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial centers.

Beit El Watan Area is distinguished by its strategic location close to vibrant areas in New Cairo, such as Nasr City, New Cairo, and Maadi, in addition to the presence of the new metro station "Al Andalus," which connects Beit El Watan Area with downtown Cairo.

The area includes many commercial and entertainment facilities, offering a range of upscale services, including luxury shopping complexes, malls, restaurants, cafes, social and cultural clubs, health centers, and educational facilities, making it an ideal destination for living and investing in New Cairo.

Features of Beit El Watan Area:

Beit El Watan Area is characterized by several prominent features, including:

1. Strategic Location: Beit El Watan Area enjoys a distinguished location close to many vibrant areas in New Cairo and major roads connecting it to other areas of Cairo.

2. Luxurious Design: Residential projects in Beit El Watan Area boast modern and luxurious designs, ensuring the provision of all necessary services and facilities for residents.

3. Safe and Comfortable Environment: Beit El Watan Area provides a safe and comfortable environment for residents, with the presence of police stations, private security, and guards.

4. Recreation and Leisure: The area includes various recreational facilities such as parks, gardens, pools, social and cultural clubs, providing opportunities for recreation and leisure for residents.

5. Real Estate Investment Opportunities: Beit El Watan Area is a distinctive destination for real estate investment, with high-quality residential and commercial projects, ensuring good investment returns.

Additionally, Beit El Watan Area features extensive green spaces, parks, and gardens, making it an ideal place to enjoy nature and fresh air in the heart of New Cairo.

Services of Beit El Watan Area:

Beit El Watan Area offers many vital and essential services needed by residents, including:

1. Education: The area includes a variety of private and public schools, in addition to universities and educational institutes, meeting the needs of students at all levels.

2. Healthcare: Beit El Watan Area includes hospitals and various healthcare centers providing treatment and healthcare services to residents with a high level of quality and professionalism.

3. Shopping and Entertainment: The area features commercial centers and malls housing a variety of shops and international brands, providing opportunities for shopping and entertainment for residents.

4. Sports and Social Activities: Beit El Watan Area includes many social and sports clubs that provide opportunities for sports activities and social events.

5. Religion and Spirituality: The area features many mosques and churches that meet the religious needs of residents.

6. Transportation: Beit El Watan Area provides various transportation options such as the metro, buses, and taxis, facilitating mobility and access to any location within the city.

Additionally, the area includes other facilities such as swimming pools, parks, amusement parks, restaurants, cafes, cultural and artistic centers, making it an ideal destination for living and enjoying life in New Cairo.

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