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Sakan, the leading Egyptian development company, has been experiencing a new era since its launch in 2002. With professionalism and mastery, we draw the features of ideal living in the heart of Shorouk City and the most prestigious areas of New Cairo.

From New Narjis to Beit Al Watan and North House, our luxury residential projects guarantee the highest returns on investment for our valued clients. With accumulated experience and innovative solutions, we design spaces vibrant with life and luxury, using the latest technical means to build a world full of elegance and beauty.

We value our clients' time, and pay special attention to detail at every stage of our projects. Sakan, the pulse of new life, fulfills our customers’ requirements with confidence and competence.

About us
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Sakan .. where architectural beauty is And luxury around every corner

At Sakan, we see in every detail an opportunity to offer you the most wonderful and beautiful. Beauty here is not limited to the external appearance only, but extends to every corner of your home, giving it irresistible appeal and incomparable comfort. We at Sakan believe that your home is an extension of yourself, and therefore we work with great professionalism to create for you a living environment that reflects your passion for brilliance and elegance. Through innovative designs and luxurious materials, we create an aesthetic palette that attracts attention and enchants the eyes.
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Modern living, reimagined, Innovative spaces, harmonious colors

Our projects exude creativity and sophistication, as we designed them with great care to provide you with an exceptional and unique lifestyle. Our innovative designs are characterized by elegance and technical sophistication, to provide you with an amazing residential experience full of luxury and comfort.

Owner and implementer of all projects

Project financing and planning, Project management and implementation.

A contract between two parties

Supervising the workflow, Implementing the tasks and services required for the project.

Adherence to building requirements

Establish and study the required building requirements and ensure that they are met .

Elegant architectural designs

Choosing a qualified and expert design team in high-end architectural designs.

Previous projects

A history full of achievements on the ground

We always think of endless creative solutions
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    Sakan..the pulse of a new life by fulfilling the requirements of its customers - With accumulated experience, spaces have been designed with a new pulse and luxury that deserve the trust of our customers..

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